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1985 , founded with ORO COLLECTION Since its inception, healthy development, universal quality and standards and to provide products and services. Country and customers, reliability, continuity and prestige aims to be a symbol.

Our customers are everything

To create value for our customers, it is our first priority to respond to quality and stability. To take over our products and after sales It is our duty to be with our customers. Always en to be good is our indispensable goal.

To be the best in quality and service and 32 years protect this image that we have in our past our main goal. To achieve this goal, and to be a leader in the market is our basic principle.

Adhere to superior business ethics and honest working principles is our motto. To ensure fairness and mutual benefit in all our relationships in order to act in good faith and understanding, it is our ilk to always adhere to the rules of morality.

You will see the goodness of our goods you have purchased and it is our greatest happiness to make a commercial profit.



– Oro Foreign Trade reserves the right to change prices.

– Fax and e-mail your orders.

– Products without production defect are not returned.

– The goods delivery place is İSTANBUL and the transportation belongs to the buyer.

– Give the order quantity according to the box quantities.

– You can request special product orders with information from our company.

– Special product orders can not be returned.

– For orders that have not been paid in advance, the price on the delivery day is valid.

– The price list in the new catalog overrides the previous price list.

– This catalog can not be copied and quoted except the information of our company.

– The balance is closed every month. The new order is then shipped.

– My prices do not include VAT.

– Some of the products in our catalog are INDUSTRIAL DESIGN REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.